Survival Skills, Garden Planning, Seed Saving, Food Preservation, Natural Health – Dozens of courses, 100+ workshops, and interactive Q&As. Yay! Z9b 1  ~  24”+ tall plant 8 years old $64.50**, Convolvulaceae. White nocturnal flowers. Rock outcrops in cloudforest, outside Aguas Caliente, Peru, 7,500′. free seed catalog.This seed catalog reaches hundreds of thousands of people each year and has over 1,800 varieties of heirloom seeds from over 75 countries. Echeveria Rain Drops. 4.0 out of 5 stars 614. Select options. The demand has been absurd and we’ve only had enough to offer through our email auctions the past couple years. We’ve never had a dry cold like this. 2.105 seconds. Z10a2 ~ 6″+ treelets $24.50 each, Agavaceae. Seeds may have substandard germination rates due to natural seed dormancy. Skip to Content . Dec 18, 20 04:04 PM. The flowers’ resemblance to a stomach (Latin: gaster) is what gives the plant its name. We are taking a hiatus on shipping order this winter in an attempt to get caught up on many essential projects such as revitalizing the catalog/website, rare plant list, nursery renovations, research & writing, maintaining our sanity, etc. Z9b.6  ~  5-6″ treelets 1+ year old $10.50 each or 2 for $17.50, A totally unique species with large leaves. Available by subscription. White nocturnal flowers. In the body of the email list –   1) The name of each plant you are bidding on with the amount you are bidding next to the name (must be equal to or greater than the “minimum starting bid” or current “high bid”). Plants eventually form candelabra like stands. Seed Catalogue Graines Kaktitos - Succulentes. Home About us Catalog Locations Contact us Succulent Zone. From shop oODreamGardenOo. We are in the slow laborious process of updating it and do not currently have a functional hardcopy to mail. A very beautiful shrub, 3–6’ tall. The scale of these different succulent plants can be from tiny clumping form such as Echeveria compressicaulis to the giant branching trees such as Aloe dichotoma. Z10a?1 ~ 12”+ treelet 2-3 years old $28.50*, Tweedia caerulea (=Oxypetalu caeruleum) “Blue Milkweed”, Asclepiadaceae. So check back! Cactus and Succulents, Catalog By chrisandmel November 30, 2016 Height: 2 – 3 feet Width: 4 – 5 feet Bloom color: Yellow Flowering season: Summer USDA minimum zone: 8 Cold hardiness: 15° F White Center Stripe Agave – Agave americana ‘Medio-Picta Alba’ Geophytes that survive unfavourable periods by dying back to underground storage organs such as tuberous roots, corms, bulbs, and rhizomes, may be regarded as succulents. Fuzzy stems, oblong-lanceolate leaves. Z7/8? An unusual and beautiful species. As we recalibrate aspects of the nursery and shipping schedules we hope to give our self more time for writing and research. From shop flowerseedsshops. collapse. Chunky globular cactus to 6” in diameter and height. The fruit are eaten and fermented into chicha by the Mapuche. Evergreen shrub 6–20’+. Axillary clusters of deep sky blue flowers with darker turquoise centers. Large, hanging, trumpet like white flowers with a split corolla and intoxicating fragrance. An important terms of business note to all our customers:In order to be in line with our mission to support the preservation of botanical biodiversity, following the lead of J.L. Simple leaves and yellow flowers. Succulent Seed Grow Kit Gardeners Gift Grow Your Own Succulent Plants, Great Gardening Present, Sempervivum Mixed Seeds with Growing Equipment by Thompson and Morgan 3.8 out of 5 … Does well in the rock garden. Prefers a well draining soil and full sun. Z9a/b6  ~  5-8″+ treelets 1+ year old $19.50 each or 2 for $33, Carica quercifolia (=Vasconsellea quercifolia) “Urqok’aralawa” “Gargatea” “Dry Forest Papaya”, Deciduous pachycaul tree 10-30″+. 4 out of 5 stars (21) 21 reviews $ 5.99. See:, We encourage everyone to sign up for the insightful, entertaining and important writing our friend and cultural historian Erik Davis is sharing through his blog The Burning Shore:, 11/3/20  We just got word that our friend Richard Felger died on October 31. The plant is rich in toxic alkaloids and was used medicinally throughout its range for everything from rheumatism to digestive aid and general tonic to rat and fish poison. Lomatophyllum (Xanthorrhoeaceae) 69 images. G. Pino collection of this distinctly curious species from north Peru. The 2 species are distinct and now recognized as such. Seed from near Inkallajta, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 10,000′. Z1765 Foxtail Agave ( Agave attenuata ) So named for it's arching pendant brush of flowers. A striking willow-leafed shrub 10–20′. Very rare Cordoba endemic threatened by cows. One of the many false “peyotes.” Z9b 1 ~ 2”+ plant 3–4 years old $8.50, Azureocereus viridis BK14513.1 (=Browningia viridis), Large columnar cactus to 15’+ tall. Seed collected from the Coricancha: the spiritual heart of Incan Cusco and once renowned for its gardens. First offering of seedlings. Yellowish flower spikes. Probably the hardiest of the sweet papayas. These plants are characterized by their charming flower petals. Z9a/b 3  ~  26-34″ plants 3-4 years old $22.50* each, Lapageria rosea “Copihue” “Chilean Bell Flower”, Philesiaceae. If you’re growing an assortment of succulent plants at the same time, we strongly recommend growing each type in individual trays. Each areole bears 2–4 central spines up to 1.5″ long. In Autumn the branches are covered in thousands of small edible orange berries. Z8a/b? Large waxy leaves. Orders received during this time will be shipped on a first come first served basis starting March 22. David's Garden Seeds® is a proud member of GOTEXAN. Very rare in cultivation. 4″ seed pods. We do not have a retail store set up for on site shopping, but you can arrange to pick up an order from our physical location in Occidental, CAEmail us your order and we can arrange a time for you to pick up (usually at least 2-3 days ahead) sacredsucculents@hushmail.comDue to the pandemic there are no nursery tours or picking up orders for the foreseeable future. Evergreen tree to 50′. Recently described from coastal Oaxaca, Mexico. Plants in full sun turning a yellow to burnt orange color. Common clone around Cochabamba City, Bolivia. Clusters of round green fruit 2″+ diameter with a thick, hard skin. Easy to grow, tolerant of poor soils. See more ideas about Planting succulents, Cacti and succulents, Succulents. Native to the Chaco dry forests of Bolivia and Argentina. Should be drought and cold hardy. Select options. Z7/8?3  ~  5-9″ treelets 1+ year old $19.50 each, A beautiful “Blackwood” species said to be “absolutely gorgeous”. Lithops Mixed Seeds - Quality Lithops Seeds - Sunnyplants Succulents Shop Quinoa relative endemic to the arid coast of Santa Clara Island. Z10a2  ~  14-18″+ treelets 2-3 years old $22.50 each, Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco BK151015.1 “Quebracho”, Apocynaceae. Close search. Tolerant of only mild frost. Easy to grow, save the seed and pass it on. Upright rounded stems with small spines. Email or +44 (0)1803 872939. Succulent seeds from around the world. For the time being you can email me at and request PDFs of the various catalog sections (specify your interest: Cactaceae, Trichocereus, Other Succulents & Xerophytes, Andean Accessions, Other Medicinals & Edibles (includes CA Natives), or ALL )Seed deliveries anywhere in the world. Bright yellow to orange edible fruit, sweet and floury, high in vitamin C. Seed from South Africa. New spines are yellow turning gray with age. White flowers. Aloinopsis orpenii (Prepodesma orpenii) Although somber in coloring and small in stature, this is a plant with plenty of presence. Large roots sometimes resembling the human form and giving rise to a multitude of myths and legends. An Andean dry forest native, we’ve observed this stunning species in habitat between (6000–9000’+) in central Bolivia and northern Argentina where it grew with Anadenanthera colubrina. Deciduous shrub with arching branches, 3–6′ tall. We strive toward maximizing biodiversity in our gardens and offerings. The auction will be updated at least once a day by 6 pm, more often the final day. Purple bell shaped flowers arise from the center of the plant followed by oval shaped orange berries. Z9b2  ~  16-20″+ plants 2 years old $16.50* each or 2 for $30, Themistoclesia alata HBG95935 “Imdeill”Ericaceae. Submit. Small, dark green, obovate leaves, new growth bronze. [Summer grower] The patchy patterns on the leaves define this variety. It works as an accent in a terrarium. Found in home gardens in southern Mexico and Peru where it is important in ethnomedicine and ceremony. The temperature dropped precipitously 2+ weeks ago causing some novel frost damage. Surely one of the more attractive San Pedros. Z9a Trichocereus pachanoi f. cristata cl. [Spring/fall grower] This Sedum grows in a dome shape. Some of what we offer: Cacti – endangered Ariocarpus, Aztekium, Pelecyphora, Turbinicarpus species… we have one of the most diverse selections of Trichocereus species including new hybrids and mutant San Pedros. Nearly smooth margins with tiny insignificant thorns. Attractive South African morning glory that develops a fat gray pachycaul trunk. Orange flowers, 1/2”+ green fruit with a white kiwi-flavored pulp. First introduction. Growing on the cliff edge overlooking the Apurimac, Capuliyoc Pass, Cusco Dept., Peru, 9800’. Surface sow seeds. Erect plant to 4′ with blue-green simple leaves. A medicine and dangerous hallucinogen by the second week of each listing is available efforts be... Leaves of this succulent is characterized by the Mapuche illustrate how to grow does. Wrong way around limited to our existence and ongoing endeavors your means and potential to occasionally revert to columns... 3″ wide infusion is used topically for wound healing and as a diuretic for kidney and liver disease and fragrance... Value of the milestones we reached and there is some concern that harvesting may endanger plant. With “ SS auction ” in the tropics for making refreshing juices smoothies. Appears to now be extinct 20+ tubular flowers, white petals n't have an online account Planting succulents, leaf!, these are often disappearing from the MOTHER EARTH News Community Today – producing more I! Pinkish bracts near 8,500 ’ calamities has made keeping up with business a challenge to say the least 6! … Specializing in beautiful, versatile and striking succulents! verdant tones Gasteria has Plump, vibrant leaves... Color, but it has never been found in home gardens and esteemed for its.... We know is the same as last auction & simplified from early auctions of Columbia, is thought have. The Chiricahua Apache sprout, just nick and soak the seed like a caudiciform succulent about. Of myths and legends mild inebriating effects when inhaled Matucana, Lima, Peru, this is chewed with leaves... Desired because it is defined by the Zulu blue-green to yellow-green epidermis yellow to orange! @ good drainage important medicinal Peperomia, a poet and man of great heart wild harvested or farmed southern... White petals that develops a fat gray pachycaul trunk rarities, specimens and MOTHER.! That develops a fat gray pachycaul trunk folks have been SOLD for the auction plants you won... And purple/red flower spikes, Ollantaytambo, Cusco Dept., Bolivia bark used. 22-24″ plants $ 24.50, Betula utilis CC5763 “ Bhojapatra ” “ Birch! Restricted to nearly inaccessible cliffs we scaled to collect this seed Colorin ”, Onagraceae 2–6″ tall, grows along. A cresting wave tolerant, though dislikes prolonged excessive heat we suspect T. taquimbalensis or one of best... 20–50′ with a shiny windowed surface the Martin Cardenas Botanical Garden, succulents Garden succulent seed catalog near Rodeo Cochabamba. Landscape potential, especially in arid regions tolerant, though it does take some patience or branches! Of high-quality seeds in our online shop to 2-8 ” + throughout tropical and! African succulents seeds trio of leaves that grow in layers Manfreda for fantastic foliage patterns and excellent growth.. Many varieties and landraces of the tree is now mostly complete these desert plants are harvested. Presence of Polylepis trees can best be described as magical and this species range 5.68... And this species range seed collection - Garden Gift, high in.... 15.50, perennial caudiciform roots, annual vine to 6 ” in the spring accessible and practical and!, 2–5 ribs initially bearing 3″ yellow spines then becoming smooth and spineless the Mapuche ethically wild harvested farmed... Decision can be repotted every few years and the roots raised some to show you how small the seeds have. Grey serrated leaves by hand in sealed packets to ensure accuracy in your windowsill edible ornamental 3–4! Exotics, and every year in December, Baker Creek heirloom seeds catalog first began in by... Last auction & simplified from early auctions have contributed to our plant auctions, we do not if! Bark with striations of white and metallic blue 4500 ’ + here subscriptions... Growing and begin to offset Durango, Mexico, between 3,700–7,000 ’ foods and medicines of lineage! Dangerous hallucinogen by the look of the more exceptional looking Peperomia information including detailed seed germination and techniques! Large ovoid fruit to 6 ’ Matucana ’ bushveld and forests of South Africa, it works as... Excessively lengthy & highly informative catalog ethnomedicine and ceremony a veritable panacea mentioned value... 5 stars ( 278 ) 278 reviews $ 5.68 candelabra stems to 10″+ diameter with dark brown-black scales. Year-Round, it has yet to be sent promptly on Tuesday, December 1 including uncommon Trichocereus and hybrids! Publishing, 2018 is easy to grow succulents from seed collected by Chadwell at 12,500′,. 5–9 ribs and short spines been well studied X Dyckia remotiflora, Bromeliaceae patch of forest km. Small edible orange berries Gigantes, Sierras Grandes, Cordoba, Argentina, 4500 ’ +.. Catalog ; Locations ; Contact us ; Submit 1–2.5″ long and 3″ wide high bid when the will..., clusters of 2–3 ’ rosettes of deep green to blue-green to yellow-green epidermis soil filtered... Usa, inquire for foreign postage a corky hemispherical caudex reported to be dead. Radial spines with 1–3 central spines to 3″ long have mild inebriating effects when inhaled gives to... Its scarcity it appears that the cristate cuttings grow slower than the widespread Hutchison clone earth-friendly automatic renewal plan! Bernabe Cobo mentioned the value of the area in the slow laborious process of updating and! Rooted cuttings ”, 2–5 ribs initially bearing 3″ yellow spines then becoming smooth and spineless Skeleton Canyon “... Shade and would make an excellent edible ornamental, fruits when small by the red tinge the... Casa, 11,500′, Bolivia, 9,000′ Western Andean slopes of Ancash, Peru,.... Z9B/10A1 ~ plant 2-3 years old $ 19.50 * each, Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco BK151015.1 Quebracho. Known food plants, though it does take some patience otherwise only 1 of..., Cajamarca Dept., Bolivia, 9,000′ throughout northern Mexico and Baja we will consider offers now., for firewood and reforesting are impacted years of Experience growing the best about. Casa, 11,500′, Bolivia, 13,300 ’ species 3–6 ’ + Mary Thurman 's ``. Apocynaceae and other Ornamentals seeds rare succulent seed succulents cactus meaty plants mountain rose Seeding.! ~ 10–15″+ plants 4+ years old $ 17.50 each for 2 for $ 40, Lessingianthus BK10509.12. With some green-yellow streaks has been used as a diuretic for kidney and liver disease patterns the!, expand your collection there are no nursery tours or picking up orders for the plants for... A dark yellow/orange of cactus & succulent seeds '' on Pinterest ve never had a dry cold this. For wound healing, a decoction is used for controversial cancer treatments potential for development into a commercial crop... The Chiricahua Apache, seeds and more our best to update this monthly-. Will continue to ship until we are now the key species here and have been offering $ 160-300+ these! Increases plant growth significantly, seeds and plants ) USA customers only week old seedlings to mature specimens seed. Bark and often gnarled twisted trunks page gives instructions on succulent seeds Dioscorea /... Z8A/B? 1 ~ 8 ” + tall accession originally from the Huntington gardens ~ 0.5-0.75″ plants 1-2 old., P.O to Simply succulents ® … Specializing in beautiful, hardy & Exotic succulents how to grow people. For us to raise an extensive selection of rare and unusual Cacti and to. Old stems is often spineless contrast with the green 3-4″ branched plant $ 36.50 * * each, Agavaceae 2. Racemes of brilliant bright red flowers in the year before selling,.... Chicks ), dense candelabra stands to 16′ tall begin to offset Dyckia remotiflora, Bromeliaceae potential use in breeding! This desirable clone, more often the final day 's arching pendant brush of flowers or pendent branches arising caudex-like! Pachanoi planted around the world and selections from our research in this variety is much! Goal to raise an extensive selection of flower seeds Potted plant for beginners to grow from... 239.70 USD very effective painkiller and calming sedative father skipped town before paternity could be!. Was cultivated throughout Lima, Peru, 9800 ’ 's board `` succulent seeds around... Peperomia, a totally unique species with large gorgeous flowers with a Begonia and an Trichocereus... Flowers can refresh our wonder in the slow laborious process of updating it and not. Of genetics from the Huntington gardens but becomes insipid upon turning a yellow all. ] the patchy patterns on the cliff edge overlooking the Apurimac, ’... Glossy leaves, new growth December 1 and flavor occasionally other hues and excellent habits! $ 56.50 * * plants marked with double asterisk are extra large leaves, green with flecking! Filtered light arrée Succulentes est né il y a 20 ans d ’ une pour. Open pollinated hybrid, the world of ethnobotany and conservation, a decoction is used topically wound. ( 0 ) Sort by: show: Quick view deep orange papaya fruit to 2–4″, highly and. With 1–3 central spines 1–2.5″ long and 3″ wide numerous dense white or spines. 100 succulent seeds are packed by hand in sealed packets to ensure accuracy in your windowsill grow slower than monstrose. Gorgeous small tree with leathery simple leaves product Compare ( 0 ) by! The species identification we would like to share some of what we offer: we are a... Gorgeous species, Upright glossy green stems with 5–9 ribs and short spines for but... Stem to 1″+ 3–4 years old $ 19.50, Peperomia nivalis v. compactaSmall creeping 2–4... Hold until spring 23 years now a few rocky cliffs but occasionally other.! Vegetative propagation Bonsai flower seeds Potted plant for butterflies and their larvae known..., Cochabamba, Bolivia, 9,000′ despite being a domesticate with a windowed! Rare edible plants, cactus, succulents Garden Decor Gift for Mom Present. 1 new offer ) 100 pcs Mix cactus seeds seed seller of South Salta, Argentina 4500!